Recovering from Penalties, Penguin and Panda

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  • 31/12/2013
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In recent years, we've seen terrible upheaval in the search landscape. Google's promiscuous updates have truly thrown many web publishers into a tailspin with Penguins, Pandas, and Penalties. Has your site been hit with a Google Panda, Penalty and Penguins? Have you noticed a decrease in your site traffic? Whatever the matter, we have the knowledge and experience to help your site recover from Penalties, Penguin, and Panda!

Google's Panda

The Panda Algorithm updates are all about the quality of a site. What ought to you do if you think your website may be affected by Panda? And what types of web content get impacted negatively by Google Panda? We can help you judge whether your online site was affected by Google Panda, and suggest you on what you have to do to recover.

Google Manual Action Penalties

Manual actions can be applied to a website as a limited portion or a whole of the website. The common manual action triggers include sneaky and cloaking redirects. Lots of people understand if they've done it, however, sometimes they don't if, for instance, they've inherited a website. You can go into Webmaster Tools of Google, Fetch as Googlebot, and check the code.

AHidden keyword and text stuffing are other factors for manual action penalties. Lots people understand what they’ve done. The solution is to simply get rid of this, then go back to Google Search Engine to tell them you've done it.

Thin content is another factor for manual action penalties. These are things where there's no "value" in web content. Things such as scraped content, auto-generated content, and so on are all instances of this.

User generated spam such as un-moderated comments may also reason a manual action penalty. Close the comment spam by doing things such as putting no-follow on web links to daunt it and using CAPTCHA for web comments.

The next is unnatural links warnings, such as when you sell or purchase links with the Intention of PageRank. If you're selling web links for web traffic, be sure you no-follow them.

Link Penalties: How to Recover

Penguin is an algorithmic ascertain, so you likely won't need any messages in manual actions listed or Webmaster Tools. Therefore the web traffic drop will be the greatest indicator cross-referenced to Google algorithmic updates. You can locate the history of Google algorithm updates at Moz.

Next approach is to remove any bad, ugly and unnatural links and then be patient because it's not a coinstantaneous recovery. Requesting a progress is not going to assistance in these matters. The Google algorithm has to locate that the web links you have cleared or removed are gone.

For manual link actions, you need website-partial and wide penalties. Look at the declarations in Google Webmaster Tools to see what manual link action was taken and what the cause is for the penalty.

Identifying web links can be challenging. So make sure you look at every page in your profile, but don't concern about examining each link if you need thousands coming from the same site. Instead, select a sample and examine if the web links coming from the site are bad or good overall.

Categorize the web links for competency after identifying these links. You can categorize in group such as "blogs," "links from comments," "links from the 'C' block," etc. Here are few steps to clean up web links:

  • Build a list of web links using tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Open Site Explorer, and so on.
  • Categorize the web links.
  • Examine and determine the links.
  • Get contact information through email, social, or snail mail.
  • Be patient when you contact the webmaster.
We have found that recovery from Penalties is highly possible. However, there is a plenty of effort, time, and knowledge that is required to recover. Recovery involves removing and identifying unnatural links and then explaining to Google. We have found that a plenty of webmasters truly need assistance when it comes to knowing which web links need to go!

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