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In the interactive world, to understand the technology is to understand what’s attainable. We see no limits, only the problems we face are not solved yet. Our developers and architects rely on higher-volume sites and online advertising campaigns, and the practice of our technology is one of the greatest of any agencies. This is an integral part of our understanding of the interactive business, living and dying with technology that allows it. INDEEZ is unparalleled reputation for creating some of the most influential works in the digital world. Since the beginning of strategic insight, ideas we embrace interactive platforms and properties. We create local regional and global solutions.

  • Applications + web development
  • Technical architectures
  • ECRM database + profile development
  • E-commerce personalization + web services
  • Content + digital asset management
  • Rich internet application development
  • Information Architecture :
  • Library Systems
  • Web Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Database Development
  • Programming
  • Technical Writing
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Critical system software design
  • User Interactions

Data is a greatest ally of marketers. Examining that data in order to hopefully create an appeal, insight driven recommendation is when the real changes lie. Our analysts where we know how to analyze and capture the entire range of data and indicators that is available to optimize each page, every impression, every interaction and every click. Our data and our expert analysis will help to increase competitive advantage by using a strong performance measurement and analysis processes and tools to gain deep knowledge in consumers' minds. INDEEZ analysis is highly, reflective and visionary.

  • Custom Reporting
  • Optimization
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Package Implementation
  • Data Warehousing Service

Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are two most important ways to promote your business to online clients. The battle for position at the top is a search site without any interruption. The question is what to buy, when to buy and how much to pay. Paid Search and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of successful online clone, the quality of visits, drive awareness and the transaction successfully. Consumers are increasingly discovering the company's products and services by visiting their appropriate search engine results that entered through a back door, side door and elsewhere. At INDEEZ, when it comes to search engine marketing, we follow a simple principle: to do to win.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Planning, Buying and Submission
  • Feed Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Emerging is an evolutionary application of technology to share information about new ways and innovative ways. The current trends in marketing, including an explosion in digital media development and expansion of social networks, forums, blogs, instant messaging, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, multimedia and paid and organic search trends online to end in the discovery of the power of mouth marketing word techniques and strategies that become part of the media and integrated marketing campaigns. Our emerging media specialists have come to learn the next evolution, learning how to integrate into our lives and determine their match for our customers and their clients.

  • Mobile Apps and Video
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Interactive Video
  • Digital Out-of-Home

Effective web design combines the aesthetic appeal, time-honored standards usability and advanced technology to reach out and connect with your people. We focus on making the greatest balance between artistic form and function-oriented outcomes. We design clean, simple and easy to access so that messaging is clear and interesting. Our awards winning web design focus on building brands and generate revenue. We understand the appropriate value of the emotional response promoting and suggestive and attractive designs to attract clients and convince them to buy. Our designers create a website for the best class that create an intuitive and interactive Web experience captivating engage clients and inspire them to act.

  • Corporate Web Sites
  • Brand Marketing Web Sites
  • B2B Web Sites
  • eCommerce and Self-Service Web Sites
  • Destination and Media Web Site

Online space is a living, changing, breathing entity. We make campaigns that treat it appropriately, always looking for new ways to participate in an optimal fashion to clients and expand your brand

We make exceptional experiences. We turn best ideas into best executions. Everything we build is as smart as beautiful.

  • Brand Experience Audits
  • Product Designing & Development
  • Package Designing & Development
  • Point-of-Sale Designing & Development

Email marketing is a kind of marketing which reaches consumers directly through the use of electronic mail. It is a simple and effective way of communicating with the customers. An Email Marketing company sends out electronic mails to consumers in an attempt to advertise the product or services of a company. It is considered to be effective in a lower budget and much better than the traditional marketing tools. Mail marketing sends emails to potential customers with a view to enhance customer base and relation between a customer and the merchant. It is popular for the sole reason that the amount invested can be tracked back. The investment returns are very high, when email marketing solutions are applied properly.

Email marketing companies offer various kinds of editors like HTML and inbox preview etc. The emails, when delivered on time make an effective and efficient mail marketing solution. Chosen email marketing companies provide authentication of the email sender. They offer spam checkers to prevent spamming. One added bonus offered by these companies is they ensure the relationship of the sender with major ISPs. Email marketing services, when provided by competent professionals, track the advertising campaign through reliable reports which are available to the advertiser. A detailed report on the performance of the campaign along with the response of the customers is made available to the advertiser. This is especially relevant with reference to email campaigns so as to improve the quality of marketing. The report also provides an in-depth analysis on the advertising campaign. The email newsletters can be published to social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter etc. This is also a good way to share the content with other prospective customers.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Account Planning
  • Audience Segmentation and Opportunity Profiling
  • Metrics Definition and Analytics
  • Targeted Communications and Messaging
  • Customer Insight
  • Marketing and Media Strategy
  • Innovation Planning
  • Response Forecasting and Performance Modeling
  • Brand Communication Planning
  • E-business strategy
  • Behavioral Research

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